A conversation with Scott Ellsworth, vice president of the Tipco manufacturing facility in Hamilton, Ohio. This was one of fourteen profiles Cristina created for the Joyce Foundation 2013 annual report website. (Photographed and produced by Cristina, interview by Katie Klocksin)

A photography-based non-profit story for a Chicago charter school. Photography, interviews and production by Cristina Rutter.

A photography-based nonprofit story produced for The Neighborhood Writing Alliance. Photography and post-production by Cristina Rutter. Interview, sound and pre-production by Melissa Townsend.

A nonprofit documentary about an annual event when thousands of citizens clean 60 sites along the Chicago River network. Photography, interviews and production by Cristina Rutter.

BOOST (Building Opportunities for Original and Sustainable Thinking) is an annual crowd-funded pitch fest in support of waste, energy and ecosystems innovation in Chicago. Filming and direction by Cristina Rutter, video editing by Garrett Boileve.

A photography-based documentary about love and sugar. Photography, audio and production by Cristina Rutter. Narration and party interviews by Amanda Anderson.

A photography-based commercial documentary about an local/organic personal chef business. Photography, interviews/audio and production by Cristina Rutter.

A commercial documentary video following the path of a Chicago Iron company from horse-drawn carriage to quantum physics. Photography, video, interview and production by Cristina Rutter (with the exception of historic photographs.)