Marcy Farrey

Internal Communications

Jones Lang LaSalle


"I hired Cristina to shoot my professional headshot as well as pictures of me for my website. She was great to work with -- she cared about making the pictures be a real reflection of me. I originally went to my school's alumni listserv to find a photographer, and I got dozens of responses. Cristina is the only one I contacted and immediately chose to work with.

Why? When she wrote to me, she actually expressed interested in my story and what I was trying to do as a person and a professional. I truly appreciated that, and I knew then that she would be the right person to work with. She creates a partnership with her clients, and she's engaged every step of the way!"

Julianna Beckert

Creative Director
The Arland Group


"Cristina is a sweet, wonderful person who I'm so glad to know. She works with me as a contractor at The Arland Group and has been a great addition to our team. She knows her design tools well and delivers beautiful results. She's a total pro. Her years of experience are evident in her attention to detail and versatility.

She is great at stepping into a new clients work, and getting a feel for all the subtleties of their brand right away. I highly value her skills and contributions."

Liz Klein

Design Manager
CME Group


"Cristina would be an asset to any creative team. She is a talented designer and photographer. Her use of typography and color were inspiring and beautiful. Presenting her work to clients was always something I looked forward to. I was confident in her work and her ability to meet deadlines. I am glad that I had the opportunity to work with her when she lived in Chicago. "

Al DeSaverio

DeSaverio Design


"When I was Creative Director at The Winter Group Cristina was a pleasure to work with. She's very diverse in her design skills from working in print and collateral as well as digital design. She's got a great personality and would be a great addition to anyone's team."

Yeunjin Kim

Data Scientist



"Cristina is a photographer with not only great skill but also a lovely personality. The entire photo shooting was stress free and she was fun to work with! Most of all, her photos are natural and heart warming. Looking at the photos immediately transfers me back to the wedding day, and I relive the beautiful memory. I highly recommend Cristina for anyone's special day. She is honest and caring for her customers. She was referred by my friend, and I am glad that I made the decision to go with her!"

Phoenix Heller

Holistic Marketing Consultant/Designer



"It was a pleasure to work with Cristina. She met all our deadlines and followed the file guidelines I had asked for. We worked together on the 2008 annual report for CCV. I loved the images she took of both situations and objects, always giving them a wonderful perspective and/or artistic flair. She has a contagious smile and knows when to have fun and when to get down to business."