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Cristina is a visual storyteller.

Whether it is a branding, philanthropic, or personal story, the creative process is the same, and it begins with carefully listening to her client's objectives and ends with concise, thought-provoking execution.

Cristina is an extremely versatile designer, having worked for organizations of all types and sizes, from small boutique agencies to corporate powerhouses. She enjoys brainstorming sessions and big-picture-thinking, but also appreciates the beauty of carefully considered details, like the elegance of carefully kerned typography.

As a photographer and video producer, Cristina helps organizations stand out with a simple but powerful tool: a well-told story. Using photography, video and audio interviews, Cristina seeks out the defining moments that allow an authentic and engaging story to shine through.


Healthcare & Pharmaceutical
Abbott Labs
Aventis Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Denver Health
Nanosphere Health Sciences
Welldyne Rx

Marketing & Design Agencies
Heinrich Marketing
Kym Abrams Design
Moira & Co.

Chicago Community Trust
Community Renewal Society
The Heartland Alliance
The Joyce Foundation
Chicago Public Radio

Nonprofit: Education
Chicago Public Schools (Head Start Program) 
The George Lucas Foundation
Illinois Network of Charter Schools
The Latin School
The National Endowment for Financial Education

Nonprofit: Environment
The Forest Preserves of Cook County
Chicago Park District
The Nature Conservancy
Spence Farm Foundation


*Note: Some clients contracted through Moira & Co., Purohit Navigation, and Winter Group agencies.