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Cristina is a visual storyteller.

Whether it is a branding, philanthropic, or personal story, the creative process is the same, and it begins with carefully listening to her client's objectives and ends with concise, thought-provoking execution.

Cristina is an extremely versatile designer, having worked for organizations of all types and sizes, from small boutique agencies to corporate powerhouses. She enjoys brainstorming sessions and big-picture-thinking, but also appreciates the beauty of carefully considered details, like the elegance of carefully kerned typography.

As a photographer and video producer, Cristina helps organizations stand out with a simple but powerful tool: a well-told story. Using photography, video and audio interviews, Cristina seeks out the defining moments that allow an authentic and engaging story to shine through.


Catalyst Magazine
Chicago Department of Children and Youth Services
Illinois Network of Charter Schools
The Latin School

The Forest Preserves of Cook County
Chicago Park District
The Nature Conservancy
Spence Farm Foundation

CME Group (Chicago Mercantile Exchange & Partners)
Spend Matters

Healthcare & Pharmaceutical
Abbott Labs
Aventis Pharmaceuticals Inc. 
Denver Health
Nanosphere Health Sciences
Welldyne Rx

Marketing & Design Agencies
Heinrich Marketing
Kym Abrams Design
Penton Media

Community Renewal Society
Chicago Department of Children and Youth Services
The Heartland Alliance
The Joyce Foundation
The National Endowment for Financial Education
WBEZ 91.5 Chicago Public Radio

*Note: Some clients contracted through Moira & Company, Purohit Navigation, and Winter Group agencies.